Case Studies

These are some of the projects we are most proud of

World leading esports venue management software

SaaS Development Esports
May 2014 until September 2023
Product Design
Scale to millions of users

Velocity42 spearheaded the design, execution, and oversight of ggCircuit's two premier B2B SaaS products: "ggLeap" and "ggRock", transforming them from mere concepts to globally recognized offerings.

These innovative products have been licensed to both commercial and academic entities seeking to integrate esports into their services. They provide an all-encompassing solution, addressing the unique challenges and specific issues prevalent in the esports industry.


Project goal

Create the best esports venue management software on Earth.

Contract timeline

May 2014
First ggCircuit lines of code are commited
December 2014
First launch of ggCircuit leaderboards, competition and redemption system
December 2015
Began working on the first product “ggLeap”
September 2016
ggLeap beta public release
September 2018
1,000,000,000 loyalty “coins” distributed to end users
October 2018
ggLeap 1.0 release
January 2019
Onboarded 781 Best Buy store locations
March 2019
1 million end users milestone
March 2019
Began work on ggRock
December 2019
ggRock 1.0 release
March 2021
ggLeap 2.0 release
June 2021
Acquired by EEG for $26m
December 2022
ggLeap 3.0 release
September 2023
Contract ended
3.6+ Million users, 80m+ hours of usage, 10b loyalty coins, world leader


Consolidate its position as world leader software in esports venue management with

Active Users
Hours of Usage1
Loyalty Coins
Valuation in EEG’s acquisition2
solution 1
ggLeap, which consists of a client software interface aimed at the gamers, as well as web based administrative software for venue operators, is the premier (and by far, the most expensive) operating system on the market.
Customized, secure login screen for gaming PCs
Games & Apps Management
Leaderboards & Loyalty System
Ordering merchandise and/or F&B from PCs
Content Management System
Booking System Integration
solution 2
ggRock is the foundational software solution for worry-free device and application management for esports venues. Widely used throughout our enterprise and educational clients, it solves one simple goal: “Keep all of the systems secure, and all of the applications updated, all the time, with minimum effort”.
Machines management
Images and Snapshots management
Seamless Boot and Virtual Machines
Array management

White-label integration platform with companion app

iPaaS Development App Development Family Entertainment Centers
Family Entertainment Centers
June 2023 (ongoing)
Product Design
Scale to millions of users

Leading the development of next-generation software called "Takoha" to power the "Family Entertainment Center" industry.
In this project, we will be leveraging artificial intelligence to build an IPaaS (integration platform as a service) with a whitelabel mobile app.


Project goal

Create the best FEC venue management software on Earth



Takoha is an "Integration Platform as a Service" (IPaas) for Location Based Entertainment (LBE).
Takoha will streamline the operations, centralise the data, reduce the costs while amplifying fun with the whitelabel mobile app.

Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS)

A modern LBE venue will require the use of many different disjointed software applications to operate the business. Takoha connects data from these software applications into a single store of information, under your control. With this data held in one place (your AWS), Takoha can streamline your business operations and deliver a world class service to the end user.

Unique customer journey

With Takoha, we're reinventing the customer journey for location-based entertainment, transforming the fragmented, often frustrating experience into a seamless, fun-filled journey. The platform unifies multiple touchpoints, allowing guests to navigate through a world of fun from a single access point including killer features such as:

  • ordering food/drink to a collection point
  • forming a party with friendly leaderboards
  • booking an event
  • signing a waiver
  • earning and redeeming rewards
  • interacting with on-site experiences
  • completing quests and challenges

Data Ownership

At Velocity42, we're dedicated to redefining data ownership for businesses. Our B2B platform is engineered with an unwavering focus on data security and privacy, entrusting you with complete control over your data. We understand that technology can be complex, which is why our expert team will personally configure your AWS environment. Once it's set up, we step back, handing over the reins and ensuring the user database remains under the venue exclusive control.

Versatile Booking Solutions

Takoha's booking system has been created from the ground up to to facilitate entertainment venues. However, if you prefer to use a 3rd party booking system we can seamlessly send booking orders from the mobile app to your booking system.

Efficient POS Integration

Takoha can integrate with 3rd party point of sale systems in order to send customer requests seamlessly from the mobile app to the POS.

Party System

Takoha has an integrated Party management system, which allows the end users to form groups, sign all necessary waivers, negotiate payment terms and enjoy a shared experience across the entire venue, earning points and loyalty coins as they go.

Gamification System

Takoha’s player engagement system will capture your users attention from their very first visit! Activate all sections of the venue with dynamic and automated Quests and Challenges which will encourage the users to try everything that the venue has to offer. Players earn XP in order to level-up and unlock more features while earning digital currency for the brand.

Reward Zone

Users can save up their coins over as many visits as they choose to eventually claim their desired prize. The rewards, along with the coin economy, is decided by the owners and players can dedicate their time (and money!) in order to achieve their goals in the venue.

Retail custom experience for Alienware computers

Custom Guest Experience Retail
January 2017 until June 2023
Product Design
Scale to millions of users
ggCircuit (lead by the v42 product team) was commissioned by Dell in January 2017 to create a content management system, as a pilot in 50 stores, which at its core would allow potential customers to learn more about the systems on display and, crucially, to have a short gaming experience. The project was deemed to be a success and was later installed in over 750 locations.
In 2021, ggCircuit was again commissioned for the development of the next generation of this software using the latest web technology.

Project goal

Build a secure kiosk-mode windows client that allows potential customers to browse details about PCs and to have (for up to 15 minutes) a real gaming experience.


+780 Best Buy stores have used the platform reaching millions of potential customers for the brand.


Create the perfect blend between a demo interface and a real gaming use case scenario was a tough challenge to address for the huge amount of information and being these PCs available to any customer.

Creating a split interface with the model fixed and allowing the user to navigate through the information allowed to create a sense of app instead of website while promoting the technology piece. The video game would be manage by our auto-login technology using the license model from ggLeap.

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